Make your Own Office

One in seven of us Brits now works from home and we think this sounds like the life. If you’re lucky enough to work from the comfort of your own home, it’s likely that you’ve found yourself getting a tad distracted by the likes of the washing machine and the telly. What you need is a home office. A space that gets you in the work mode that you can quickly tidy away when it’s time to let your hair down and relax. The good thing about a home office, is that they can be as big or small as you like. So if you’re pushed for space, you can still create a work zone.

Pop up office
The pop up office is a great choice for those of us who have a gorgeously open plan property. Install a wooden fold out desk on the wall that you can easily fold up to put away after a long day. You can pop a nice picture on the underside of the desk so when it’s tidied away it looks like a work of art. Then all you need is a great comfy but striking chair and a comedy coaster for your cuppa. If you need some stationary but want to be able to clear it away, why not get yourself a fancy drinks trolley. Just replace the bottles of liqueur with pretty baskets and pots for all your bits and bobs. 


Cupboard office
In-built cupboards make great offices. Much like a reading nook, they are perfect for those of us who love a cosy space. The best thing about cupboard offices is that you can simply close the door on it when you’re done. Plus they’re ideal for storage which is perfect if you’ve got lots of admin to do. Remove any shelving below waist height and put some bright lights in the top of the cupboard. Then install a simple shelf for a desk and get a chair that can slide easily underneath. You can go to town with how you organise and decorate the cupboard office. Go all out and cover it in pretty wallpaper. Or keep it simply with a couple of nice pictures and a cute clock. 


Feature office
Again, this one is a good option if you have an open plan living design. Make a feature of your office by making it as pretty as humanly possible. Invest in a gorgeous antique desk and a luxurious chair. Then put up wooden shelves above the desk and decorate them with pictures, plants, vases and old books. During work hours, you can get out your laptop and get to work. When it’s time to switch off, put away the laptop, hide any signs of work in a drawer and light a scented candle. 

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