THE interior design rules

Don’t paint the ceiling, do paint the ceiling. Use lots of white, go bold with colour. Choose vintage pieces, throw out all your old junk. It’s not easy to know which advice to listen to when it’s all so contradicting. So, these are our favourite interior design rules and we reckon they are THE ones you should follow. Not just because we like them, but because they actually work - and we do see them a lot in our favourite houses in London. 

Our homes should feel comfortable at all times. No one wants to come home to slump onto a hard, uncomfortable sofa. Always sit on every chair before buying and lie down on every sofa. Also think about whether furniture is easy on the eye – does it have soft curves or hard edges – you don’t want them to catch the wrong kind of attention.


Pattern of 3
We like it when things come in threes. There must be a reason why The Three Muskateers are such a strong cultural reference. Always think in threes when designing a room. Three colours, three focal points, three types of lighting. 


Stage properly
Most rooms will look better when furniture is simply arranged differently. Try not to push all furniture against the walls as this can actually make rooms feel smaller. Also, positioning key pieces symmetrically creates an elegant feel. 


Statement accessories
Make a statement with your accessories, not the decoration. This is a fail-safe rule to stick to if you’re new to interior design. A big lamp, a quirky vase and a striking rug can really catch the eye and add personality to a room. Plus, you can play around with them and try them out in different rooms. 


Light three areas of every room
Always choose three pieces of key lighting for every room. Think spotlights, table lamps and free-standing lamps. Lighting three areas of the room will instantly make it feel bigger and create a nice glow. Throughout the day, turn on certain lights to give the rooms the right feel. 

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