10 of the best homemade gifts

Mother’s Day is this weekend. Yes, this weekend! It’s time to get crafty and whip up a gift so you can surprise her this Sunday. Here’s a list of the 10 best homemade gifts for mum. Just have a Google of the method, get the bits and bobs you need and set aside an evening to make something special.

1.Body Scrub
Making your own body scrub is surprisingly easy and it looks lovely presented in a cute jar. Pick flavours you think you’ll love and make her a couple: one that has a relaxing scent and one that’s nice and invigorating.

2.Homemade Cordial
Homemade blackcurrant cordial is so yummy. Make a batch and bottle some up for mum.


3.Homemade Lemoncello
You can also make your own liqueurs and using vodka, fruit and sugar. Lemoncello is super easy and a good classic choice. Start making it now and tell your mother to keep shaking it for a couple of weeks before consuming.

Making your own pictures is so easy to do. Find a nice quote about mums and write it on old newspaper using paint before cutting the paper to fit a pretty frame. Easy.

5.Cookie mixture
Mix together the dry ingredients needed for cookies in a jar then use string to tie the recipe and a cookie cutter around


Make a calendar ready for 2017 with lovely pictures of your mum, family and friends. It will be so personal and thoughtful that she’ll be delighted.

Homemade candles in pretty jars and vintage cups look super cute. A definite must do. 


Choose some pretty material and craft your mum a nice apron. These always go down well with mums who love baking.

Apparently you can make your own teabags. We’ve never tried these, but they’re supposed to be pretty easy. Make a few and present them in a posh tin. 


A few essential oils and alcohol are all you need to make a gorgeous perfume. Find a recipe with a mixture of scents that suit your mum and have a go.

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