Glorious Garden Trends

Making the most of outdoor space can be a challenge in this part of the world. Most of the houses in our neck of the woods tend to have pretty small gardens, thanks to the high demand for property in the area. So how can you turn a small garden into a natural wonderland? Here are our top picks of the best outdoor trends.

Living walls
Covering a wall in living plants is a great way of livening an otherwise useless space. They look very modern and immediately brighten up a dull space. Plus, they won’t take over any valuable entertaining space. 


Seating area
To make the best use of the space, you can transform a small into an entertaining space so it feels like you’ve got another reception room. Outdoor sofas are a great way to go as they can be used during the day and evening. If you’re on a tight budget, stack pallets on top of each other and top them with outdoor sofa cushions.


Vegetable plot
Veg grows in the smallest of spaces and it’s a great way of making a small garden pay. Come the summer months, you’ll have lots of lovely fresh vegetables, and even fruit, to eat. Grow them in old wine cases and pop them along the fence.


Vertical planters
Even without large borders, you can create a really pretty flower display with vertical planters. Place the planter in place that gets good sunlight and make it your project to keep up to the deadheading come summertime.

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