Easter decorations

We always go all out at Christmas time, running around sourcing a tree, draping tinsel left right and centre, and welcoming guests with a crafted wreath. So why do we ignore the great tradition that is Easter? Maybe it’s because we’re too busy, or we’re simply obsessed with gorging on chocolate to be worrying about decorations, but there is so much fun to be had getting the house ready for a springtime awakening. Flowers, pastel colours, chicks and bunnies – what’s not to love.

Getting your house into ship shape for Easter is all about embracing the homemade. It is, undeniably, a festival for the kids. Those Easter egg hunts aren’t actually made for us adults, you know. So get them involved with some crafty fun and make some lovely joyful decorations to welcome in the season of new life.

Eggs aren’t just dipping pots for soldiers, they are the starting point for any Easter decoration. Before beginning the sheer delight of painting a variety of pretty patterns on a dozen eggs, you need to get rid of the yolk and white. To do this, give them a good wash, pierce a hole at either end of the egg, pop your needle inside and break up the yolk, then blow down one of the holes until all the contents comes out. Don’t throw the contents away – you’ll need them for a tasty treat after all the hard work! Now you can begin the decorating. Below are some ideas for getting your creative juices flowing.

Channel your inner Cruella De Vil and go for spots and stripes – a great option for the not so artistic amongst us. Paint your eggs in pastel shades then cover them in spots and stripes using white paint. Wrapping lace ribbon around your painted eggs also looks super cute. Pop them in a bowl and place them anywhere you feel needs a little cheering up.


This one is a real treat and looks great as a centrepiece for a table. Write Happy Easter on your eggs, one letter per egg and then attach some string. You can do this by running your string through both holes in the egg and tying a knot to secure it in place. Source a branch in the garden or a local park and place it in a vase with some moss. Then, make a loop in your pieces of string and hang them along the branch. You could even go all out and paint your branch a pastel yellow or pink. 


If this all sounds a bit too much like hard work, then pop some small chocolate eggs in jars or glasses and tie round a piece of ribbon. Then add a few springtime flowers – Narcissi and bluebells always make people smile. Easy Easter – sorted!

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