Marvellous Minimalism

Minimalist interiors have that power of catching the eye and making people stop in their tracks. They look especially great in modern houses but can work in period properties, too. When it comes to minimalism, less is definitely more, but how can you make sure your room doesn’t just look empty? Here are our top tips.


Feature lighting
In rooms that have neutral coloured walls, use the plain background to draw attention to one feature. A fabulous light fitting will work very well and help to make the space feel warm. Spend time choosing your feature lighting carefully and position it in a place you want to catch the eye. 


Minimalist rooms do require some interest, so try putting up one long shelf. You can put
a few objects in one colour along the shelf to keep it looking neat and tidy.

If you have a fabulous view and the permission to do so, consider adding a floor length window. This will create a focal point and fill your room with bags of natural light. 


Add a natural element to bring a raw edge to your room. Wood and copper have a gorgeous rich look, which will instantly warm up the space. If you’re unsure how to add these features, think furniture and accessories – a copper clock, a wooden coffee table
or a copper fruit bowl and wooden bed frame. 


Add some greenery to your room to bring in some colour whilst keeping the room fresh and bright. If you have the space, go big and bold, and consider adding more than one to draw the eye to various points in the room. Make sure you keep it watered to stop it from looking sad and having a negative impact on the space. 

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