Top 10 Kitchens

If anyone knows how to design a fabulous kitchen, it’s us Londoners. We must truly value the importance of good food! Here’s a selection of our favourite kitchens that are nestled within properties in South London on the market today. It’s amazing how a good kitchen can turn a lovely house into a fabulous property.

1 – Crewys Road - £775,000
Vintage fittings and industrial finishes make this kitchen a unique space. 
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2 – Grove Lane - £1,425,000
The muted tones make this modern kitchen look wonderfully elegant.  
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3 – Halifax Street - £750,000
It’s not often that you find such a large kitchen in a cottage. It’s very bright and airy, too.
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4 – Canobie Road – £1,495,000
A modern gem, this kitchen will be absolutely fabulous in the summer when those massive doors are open.
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5 – Trafalgar Avenue – £1,375,000
Pretty pink, this one is super cute and minimalist, too.
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6 – Hindmans Road - £950,000
A stripped and simple design make this kitchen feel very Scandinavian. 
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7 – Chadwick Road - £1,350,000
This one has a seriously quirky layout and the wide open space is very unusual to find in London.
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8 – Jelf Road - £1,175,000
We love the simplicity of this rustic yet new and modern kitchen.
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9 – Lyndhurst Way - £1,999,995
Practically pink in every way, this one has a bright and modern kitchen with loads of space for entertaining.
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10 – Lyham Road - £1,150,000
If it’s open plan you’re after, then look no further.
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