Timeless Elegance

What do Audrey Hepburn, Chanel and monochrome all have in common? Why, it’s timeless elegance of course. The sort of style that simply doesn’t go out of fashion and always looks good. But what actually makes something chic in the first place?

Well, it definitely has something to do with simplicity. A classic shift dress, a neat row of pearls and a Bretton striped sweater are all simple in their design, and this seems to make them stand the test of time.

Certain colours are timeless too and it’s the neutrals that come back year on year. Think shades of white, cream and grey. They always appear on the catwalks, and look just as elegant in our homes. It must have something to do with the simplicity again, they are soft basic colours that work with all rooms.

Have you ever seen a square cut diamond go out of fashion? Or round pearl stud earrings look horrible? This is probably because they are primary shapes that our eyes are very used to seeing. Chanel definitely gets this. Just look at the shapes of their perfume bottles.

So we’ve worked it out. Timeless elegance is all about simplicity. But how can you add it into your home without it looking, dare we say it boring? Here are a few ideas.


Picking simple furniture is never boring. It costs a decent amount to furnish a home, so you need your chosen pieces to last. After all, you can always dress them up. A square coffee table will work in any room and a rectangular dining table won’t look out of place in your eating area. Think carefully about the materials you choose, too. Woods such as oak, beech and maple are classic choices that always look stylish and you can’t go too far wrong with a taupe sofa, depending on the colour you’ve chosen for your walls.


Look to previous eras for inspiration behind your decoration. There are elements in all eras that still as chic today as they were before. Look at the Georgians for their huge windows, Victorians for their floor tiles and fireplaces and the Edwardians for their fresh and bright colour schemes. You could even buy some lovely vintage pieces to really set off the look.


Soft tones
Choose soft colours in all of your design for a timeless look. As a background colour, look at taupes, beiges, greys and creams and then consider using dusty pink, pale blue and duck egg greens as the accents to keep it neutral but with a twist. Elegance always has a calming feel, and these tones will help you achieve the look. 

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