Let’s get personal

Once you’ve got the keys to your new home, it’s time to start injecting some of your own style and personality into the rooms. You want your pals to come into your new home and think yes, this is you. So put down the pot of magnolia paint and start thinking about what you want your home to say about you. This might seem a bit daunting, but with these ideas you can get your creative juices flowing and design a home that’s full of fun and style.

The trend for using words in decoration has been getting bigger and bigger and now it’s in full swing. From writings on the wall, to pictures with inspirational quotes, to huge chrome letters above the bed, it seems the English language has taken over and it’s here to stay. To bring some wordage into your home, think about what you want each room to stay. In the hallway, you might want a big ‘Hello’ to welcome your pals, and in the kitchen, you might want something like ‘Delicious’ or ‘YUM’ to make a statement about your food.  Taking inspiration from literature can work well, too. Think about quotes you absolutely love and transform them into works of art. You can make the picture yourself in three easy steps. Firstly, choose your favourite wallpaper (or use the wallpaper on your wall for a really arty finish), then use a stamp to write out the quote on the paper, finally, line the wallpaper in a new picture frame and attach it on your wall. Simple. 


Even if you’re no book worm, you’re sure to have some books that sum up your personality. These can be anything from travel guides, to fashion books or cook books. Find a special place for them on an attractive bookshelf, and put them by ornaments as a little mural to your personality. 


Got a hobby? Add some mementoes in your décor. This doesn’t only work for artists, all hobbies can make their way into the home. If you’re into cycling, you could make some furniture out of old bicycle wheels; for rowers, consider fixing old oars onto the wall; and if you love being beside the sea, you could turn your bedroom into a coastal haven. There are all sorts of things you can do for your hobby, and if you’re not the most creative, then have a google and find something that fits – if you haven’t thought of anything, someone else will have!

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