Time-saving cleaning tips

When the sun is shining and the garden is calling, you don't want to be stuck indoors cleaning, so why not try some of these quick and easy tips to free up your time.


Get organised
Keep your cleaning products together in one easy-to-grab caddy or bucket, saving time before you even get started!


Clean your blinds quickly and easily making use of those odd socks
Mix equal parts white wine vinegar and water in a clean bowl. Pop a sock on your hand, dip in the cleaning solution and wipe away the dirt, slat by slat. Make use of another odd sock and use it to dry and polish the blinds for a lovely finish.


Clean and freshen up your microwave with minimal effort
Mix water and lemon juice in a microwave-safe bowl, set the timer for 5 minutes and let the lemony steam get to work. Wipe down the interior with a clean cloth when you hear the ping.


Pet hair
Pop on a rubber glove, dip it in clean warm water and shake off the excess. Rub your gloved hand along the stairs, sofa or carpet to easily pick up those pet hairs the hoover may miss.


Dusty lampshades
Lint rollers aren't just for clothes, grab one and get rolling to easily remove the dust.


Clogged up showerhead
Pour distilled white vinegar into a plastic bag and fit it over the shower head, securing with a rubber band. Leave to soak for at least 30 minutes, remove the bag and wipe any residue away with a cloth.


Wooden chopping boards
Remove stains by sprinkling with coarse salt and scour the surface using half a cut lemon (flesh side down). Leave for 5 minutes, scrape off the dirt and rinse thoroughly.


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